Your clever SMS client

Android app to process USSD inquiries and SMS messages from banks, mobile operators, etc. This program allows you to be always aware of your card balance, debt, quantity of minutes and whatever you want

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SMS client

Your assistant app to work on SMS and USSD requests


Works with any SMS messages – intercept and process any messages from banks, mobile operators, car alarm systems, etc.


Sends and picks up any USSD inquiries


You may search the required text or number in SMS message. Display this text on the widget, devise a formula for your debt calculation, sum up your expenses for a certain period of time.


Schedule your phone top up each month, control your expenses sending USSD inquiries each few hours


Listen cheerful tone when your salary is credited and sad one when money is withdrawn


Create a unique widget: add any text or image to widget, colour it with all rainbow dies


Work out your own pattern of vibration for various events


Do you use Zooper, Kustom or DashClock? Use plugind, and display any text from program


Do you like automation? Try Tasker Extension


Do not worry about your data - the program does not have access to the Internet and does not collect any statistics


Create your own statistics, export and analyze

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