Official API for reading the USSD response was added only in android 8. For previous versions of android there is no official opportunity to read the response to the USSD request. To get around this problem, Sms Parser 3 uses the accessibility service. With this service, app can read the response of USSD query, and close the pop-up window.

Unfortunately, google decided to prohibit the misuse of services in accessibility. Now accessibility services can be used only to help people with disabilities. And programs that use these services for other purposes will be removed from the play market.

More details are here

Therefore, from version 3.7.5, there will be two versions of the program:

  • USSD support for Android 8+. You can download from this site and play market.
  • USSD support for Android 4+. You can download only from this site.

To check which version is installed, look at "About” screen, "USSD Support" item.